Privacy Policy

Users’ privacy is the criteria that matters most in deciding whether long-term development is associated with a temporary email site.

At Tempemail, we want our customers to feel secured and safe whenever they use our services. This is guaranteed to be our number one priority as we strongly demand users’ top privacy and security.

In order to protect users and their private personal details, we have established a privacy policy which allows users to have a clear understanding on how we work and how we can protect you while using our service.

In the process of creating a temporary email address on our website, you are not required to provide any personal information. Unlike any other temp email services which can ask for your information while creating emails for further exploitation, we prohibit customers from providing any access information rather than one username alongside with the domain name.

Your temporary email address will keep your real private email from being spammed and attacked by harmful Internet sources.

By using our temporary email address, you are guaranteed to stay anonymous all the time. From the moment when you first create the email all the way to when you stop using our service, your anonymity stays safe with us confidentiality and everlastingly.

Even in the process when your Tempemail’s email address receives new emails, you still no need to worry about those messages got exposed or leaked out. We are doing the best everyday to keep your account open to yourself and private to all others.

Our service is committed to conduct in accordance with these policies to fully protect Tempemail users’ personal information. Feel free to use Tempemail service with confidence and commitment!

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